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Roadway and verge manholes

TAR - C250

TAR - C250

Group 3 (C 250 class minimum)


Casting manufactured in manufactured in spheroidal-graphite cast iron (ductile cast iron) in accordance with the EN-1563 Standard.


Set with 523x523 mm opening. Breaking load above 40 tons. 5-cm deep recess especially for paved areas. Items with lateral lifting eyes that leave the filling area free thus enabling paving without the need for cuts. Hydraulic frames to prevent possible odours.


Powder enamel coating based on thermostable plastic resins treated at high temperatures. Solvent-free ecological coating to eliminate water pollution. CERTIFICATION Item certified by BUREAU VERITAS ESPAÑA in accordance with the EN-124 Standard


Group 3. Manhole covers installed on verges, roadside gullies and parking areas. For all kinds of vehicles.

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