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   COMPANY Funosa


Fundicions d´Òdena - Funosa - logo

COFUNCO was created in 1992 to commercialise the products manufactured by FUNOSA -FUNDICIONES DE ODENA, S.A., destined to the construction and civil engineering market: Covers and manholes, gratings and grids, etc. in ductile or grey cast iron

Vista aerea (Funosa) Cofunco
One of the added values of COFUNCO as the exclusive marketing company for FUNOSA is its immediate direct access to FUNOSA’s technical and human resources. Thus, to all practical effects, dealing with COFUNCO is the same as dealing directly with the factory.

FUNOSA is a foundry with over 80 years of experience in the building industry, which also supplies the motor and domestic appliance industries and other industries (subcontracting) in Spain and the EU.

Some of the resources available to FUNOSA and COFUNCO are:

  • Capacity: 50,000 tons / year.
  • Staff: 390 people
  • Total area: 39,000 square metres
  • Built area: 28,000 square metres
  • Manufacture of models.
  • Painting.
  • Parts design: CAD 3D - CAE - CAM
  • Structural calculations for finite elements.
  • Test laboratory: resistances, metrology, metalography, chemistry, etc.

                  COFUNCO, S.A   Carretera de la Pobla, 22 08788 Vilanova del Camí (Barcelona)
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