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COFUNCO commercialise high performance parts (suspension arms, brake discs and drums, differential gear boxes and crank shafts, etc.) in large series and for the most important companies in the sector, both in Spain and the EU, so we are properly approved and highly qualified suppliers. For this reason, our products are clearly classified and identified:

  • Identification of the MANUFACTURER and the PRODUCTION UNIT
  • Resistent class
  • Standard (EN-124)
  • Certification stamp (by third party AENOR and BVE)
  • All inscriptions must be part of the piece (rejecting any piece with inscriptions that are riveted, welded or glued etc.).

Piece identification for Cofunco
Certify identification - Cofunco
Standar identification - Cofunco

Our technical services are at the clients’ disposal to give information about the technical characteristics and design of the products manufactured and sold, but the choice of the most appropriate and/or ideal product according to its use or destination is the exclusive responsibility of the client or project designer.

COFUNCO, S.A   Carretera de la Pobla, 22 08788 Vilanova del Camí (Barcelona)
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