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This is the location of the products in the public thoroughfare according to their classification in the definition in EN124. This is the classification we use in our catalogue to group our products according to their use.

Groups location in public thoroughfare according to EN-124 standards - Cofunco

Group 1 (A15 class mínimum) - Cofunco

Group 1 (minimum Class A 15):
Areas used exclusively by pedestrians and bicycles.

Group 2 ( B 125 class mínimum) - Cofunco

Group 2 (minimum Class B 125) :
Pavements, pedestrian zones and similar surfaces, forecourts and multi storey car parks.

Group 3 (C 250 mínimum) - Cofunco
Group 3 (minimum Class C 250):
For items installed on verges and the roadside gully up to a maximum of 50 cm into the roadway and 20 cm into the pavement, both measured from the face of the kerb facing the roadway.

Grup 4 (D 400 class mínimum) - Cofunco

Group 4 (minimum Class D 400):
Roadways (including pedestrian streets) hard shoulders and parking areas for all kinds of vehicles.

Grup 5 (E 600 class mínimum) - Cofunco

Group 5 (minimum Class E 600):
Areas with very heavy wheel loads, such as paving in airports, dockyards, etc.

Group 6 (F 900 class mínimum) - Cofunco

Group 6 (minimum Class F 900):
Areas subject to very heavy wheel loads, such as airport paving.

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